The lichens of the Alps – an annotated checklist (2018)-Pier Luigi Nimis, Peter O Bilovitz

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This annotated checklist is the first attempt to provide an overview of the lichen diversity of the Alps. It lists all infrageneric taxa (with synonyms) hitherto reported from the Alps, with data on their distribution in eight countries, and in 42 Operational Geographic Units within the countries. The total number of infrageneric taxa is 3,138, including 116 non- or doubtfully lichenised taxa. The number of poorly known taxa is quite high (19.1% of the total), which indicates that, in spite of the Alps being one of the lichenologically most studied mountain systems worldwide, much work is still needed to reach a satisfactory picture of their real lichen diversity.

Introduction    2
Delimitation of the Alps    4
Structure of the checklist    5
Nomenclature and synonyms    5
Lichenised and non-lichenised species    6
Poorly known taxa    6
Substrates (Subs.)    6
Bioclimatic/Altitudinal distribution (Alt.)    7
Regional distribution    7
Notes    8
Databasing the checklist    8
The lichen diversity of the Alps: some numbers    8
Concluding remarks    9
Taxonomic and nomenclatural novelties    10
The taxa    11
Lichenised taxa    11
Non- or doubtfully lichenised taxa frequently treated by lichenologists    598
Particularly dubious records and extremely poorly known taxa    622
Acknowledgements    632
References    632

paperback, language English, 634 pages

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