Atlas of the Bryophytes of South Hampshire-R. C. Stern

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A Bryophyte Flora of South Hants was published by Jean Paton in 1961. This admirable work set a new standard for local bryophyte floras in Great Britain and Ireland.

When Jean Paton left Hampshire for Cornwall in 1959, there was only limited systematic recording in 1960 and no more until 2000. However, mainly as a result of site surveys, many new records were made during the 40 years. The main contributors of records were F. Rose, R.C. Stern and N.A. Sanderson, mostly from about the mid-1970s.

Recorders include Alison Bolton who provided some very useful records of certain Sphagna, liverworts and the two hornworts, Anthoceros punctatus and Phaeoceros laevis.


Size:240 x 170 mm
366 Maps, 48 colour plates
Author:  R. C. Stern

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