Discovering Scotland's Butterflies (2022)-Paul Kirkland

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Discovering Scotland's Butterflies (2022)-Paul Kirkland
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Scotland is an exciting place for butterfly-watching. The rapidly changing distribution of many species creates a fascinating environment for recorders and nature-lovers, while remote glens and islands undoubtedly hold undiscovered rarities.

This book is for everyone who gets a buzz from seeing a butterfly, providing details of life cycles, habitats, ecology and distribution of the thirty plus species. Numerous anecdotes illustrate the pleasure to be gained from watching common butterflies or the thrill of discovering scares ones.

The richly illustrated book also covers butterfly gardening, climate change, studying and conserving butterflies, and places to see them.

To be published October 2022.

Size:240 x 170mm
290 colour photos
Author: Paul Kirkland

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