A Guide to Finding Birds in Odessa Region, Ukraine

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Many people are aware that Odessa is a large port city situated on the northwest coast of the Black Sea, well known for its history and culture within the Roman, Ottoman and Russian empires, followed by a period in the former Soviet Union and since 1991 one of the largest towns in independent Ukraine.

Fewer realise that it is the regional capital of Odessa Region, the largest administrative region in Ukraine and indeed somewhat larger than Belgium. It is then hardly surprising that Odessa's birds remain largely unknown by birdwatchers.

This book provides the first guide to the best places for exploring the region and its birds. It covers the amazing Danube delta (a fifth of which is in Ukraine), the extensive Black Sea coastal lagoons, wide rolling steppes, and the southern fringes of the Boreal Forest, all of which occur in Odessa. A checklist of over 220 of the most regularly occurring birds is also provided, along with background information about the region and some other features of interest worth a visit.

Size:190 × 105 mm
Full colour throughout
Author: Paul Goriup

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