Understanding Lichens (1999)-George Baron

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First Edition 1999
Edition Notes:

An excellent introduction to lichenology, taking the reader from the basic biology of lichens to their environmental importance and the history of the science.

It also covers amateur fieldwork, how to choose a microscope and the uses of lichens. A helpful section is provided to explain the current and growing use of 'communities' to describe which lichens are likely to be found growing together in a particular habitat.

Published in conjunction with The South London Botanical Institute, this fully comprehensive book takes the reader from the most basic description of what a lichen is, through chapters describing in detail all the various parts of a lichen including growing forms, reproduction and dispersal, lichen physiology and habitat.

The purpose of theis book is to arouse in the reader an interest in lichens, one of the 'lesser' and certainly lesser-known, life-forms.

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