CBS Biodiversity Series 9 (2011)-K.SEIFERT, G. MORGAN-JONES, W. GAMS, B. KENDRICK

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The Genera of Hyphomycetes

Rok vydání: 2011

Počet stran: 996

Kniha obsahuje popis 1400 rodů Hyphomycetes, cca. 1500 podrobných mikro kreseb a klíč k všem druhům a rodům.

The Genera of Hyphomycetes is the essential reference for the identification of moulds to all those who work with these fungi, including plant pathologists, industrial microbiologists, mycologists and indoor environment specialists, whether they be professionals or students. The book compiles information on about 1480 accepted genera of hyphomycetes, and about 1420 genera that are synonyms or names of uncertain identity. Each accepted genus is described using a standardized set of key words, connections with sexual stages (teleomorphs) and synanamorphs are listed, along with known substrates or hosts, and continental distribution. When available, accession numbers for representative DNA barcodes are listed for each genus. A complete bibliography is provided for each genus, giving the reader access to the literature necessary to identify species. Most accepted genera are illustrated by newly prepared line drawings, including many genera that have never been comprehensively illustrated before, arranged as a visual synoptic key. More than 200 colour photographs supplement the line drawings. Diagnostic keys are provided for some taxonomic and ecological groups. Appendices include an integrated classification of hyphomycete genera in the phylogenetic fungal system, a list of teleomorph-anamorph connections, and a glossary of technical terms. With its combination of information on classical morphological taxonomy, molecular phylogeny and DNA diagnostics, this book is an effective modern resource for researchers working on microfungi.

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