The Bumblebee Book-Nick Owen

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The Bumblebee Book-Nick Owen
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The Bumblebee Book offers an easy introduction for those new to bumblebees and also provides the more experienced naturalist with a wealth of information about their fascinating lives.

All 27 bumblebee species occurring in Britain and Ireland are illustrated by photographs showing their full range of variation, including the striking island races. Each species has a detailed description with up-to-date distribution maps and notes on the life cycle, flowers visited and habitats used. Further chapters include bumblebee flowers, collecting pollen, cuckoo bumblebees, colours, predation & mimicry, parasites, populations & dispersal and conservation. The Bumblebee Book brings together the author's field experience with current scientific knowledge of these fascinating insects.

It is hoped that the book will inspire new generations of enthusiasts and encourage further studies of our beautiful and much-loved bumblebees.

Size:240 × 170mm
540 colour photos
Author: Nick Owen

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