Genetics and Biotechnology (2020)- J. Philipp BenzKerstin Schipper

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The Series

The fungi represent a heterogenous assemblage of eukaryotic microorganisms and have become favored organisms for research at the cellular and molecular level. Such research involvement has been stimulated by interest in the biotechnological application of fungi in processes related to industry, agriculture and ecology. Considering both yeasts and mycelial fungi, The Mycota highlights developments in both basic and applied research and presents an overview of fungal systematics and cell structure. Foremost authorities in research on mycology have been assembled to edit and contribute to the volumes.


This Volume

The first section of this volume, Genetics, illustrates the basic genetic processes underlying inheritance, cell biology, metabolism and “lifestyles” of fungi. The second section, Biotechnology, addresses the applied side of fungal genetics, ranging from new tools for synthetic biology to the biotechnological potential of fungi from diverse environments. Gathering chapters written by reputed scientists, the book represents an invaluable reference guide for fungal biologists, geneticists and biotechnologists alike.

ISBN: 978-3-030-49923-5

English, 452 pages, hardcover


17 b/w illustrations, 42 illustrations in colour

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