From another kingdom-Max Coleman & Lynne Boddy

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From Another Kingdom: The Amazing World of Fungi introduces the fungi and their importance in sustaining all life on Earth. People have had intimate associations with fungi for millennia. Nevertheless, most of us are unaware how heavily we rely on fungi in the form of countless everyday products that use them and the chemicals they produce. Fungi have a long history of association with death, decay and dark malevolent forces. They also cause serious economic loss through diseases of plant crops in particular. They can easily be cast as the ‘monster’.

Contrary to this negative image fungi are at the heart of crucial ‘life-support’ processes. For example, decomposition releases nutrients for reuse – fungi really are the ultimate recyclers. Written for the non-specialist, and making full use of the extraordinary diversity and beauty of fungi through stunning images, this book provides a fascinating introduction to a group of organisms whose lifestyle means they remain largely out of sight, overlooked and forgotten. The reality is that there is much for which fungi should be thanked.

Paperback, 176pp, 275 x 218mm, full colour illustrations throughout

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