Annotated list of polypores for the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands (2007)-I. Melo; J. Cardoso; M. T. Telleria

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2007. 183 pages, 1 figure, 14x23cm, 370 g
Language: English

A catalogue of all the generic, specific and intraspecific taxa of polypores s. l.-poroid Aphyllophorales-recorded in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal, Spain) and Balearic Islands, was compiled. The taxa are arranged alphabetically and, for each one, nomenclatural (including the synonymes used for the records of the studied area), chorologic and substractum information is presented besides additional notes on herbaria and, in some instances, observations.

Introduction 7
Materials and methods 8
Bibliography surveyed for the catalogue 13
Catalogue 58
Excluded names 142
Bibliographic references 151
Index of generic, specific and infraspecific taxa 159


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