Agaricomycetes of Israel-2014- Anus Kosakyan , Ivan V. Zmitrovich , Mayna Didukh , Solomon P. Wasser

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Agaricomycetes of Israel

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This book is devoted to the biodiversity of the Agaricomycetes of Israel. 416 species belonging to 16 families and 79 genera are lined out, of which 4 genera and 80 species are new to Israel, including five species new to science. The book is arranged in two main parts: (1) containing a general section providing data regarding materials and methods, phylogeny and taxonomy, with special attention to studies of the family Agaricaceae in Israel, as well as cultural, morphological and molecular phylogeny of lepiotaceous species; (2) a special section presenting species diversity of Agaricomycetes in Israel, including detailed macro- and micromorphological descriptions, ecology, distribution and habitat in Israel, general distribution, notes and discussions relating to Agaricaceae species in Isreal.

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