Growing Windowsill Orchids (2016)-Philip Seaton

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Many a budding gardener has been tempted by the elegant orchids peeking out of the floral sections of grocery stores or lined up at a nursery. But too often, new orchid owners are faced with a “now what?” moment once the plant is set up at home.  Orchids have a reputation for being challenging to cultivate but in reality, their care isn’t difficult—it’s just different.

Growing Windowsill Orchids is an easy-to-follow, nontechnical guide to caring for these popular plants. This new edition is expanded to include updated information on how to choose the best plant, how to look after your orchid when it has finished flowering, and how to get it to flower again year after year.

Philip Seaton draws on more than thirty years of experience to help you bring out the best in your orchids. He looks specifically at indoor cultivation with advice on the best place to grow your plants in the home, how frequently to water and feed your plants, and how to keep them free from both disease and overly curious pets. And for readers who wish to learn more about their orchids, Seaton delves into the basis of orchid biology, conservation, and how plants get from the nursery to your home or office.
With step-by-step instructions and more than one hundred color photographs and drawings,Growing Windowsill Orchids is the perfect primer on everything the orchid novice needs to cultivate these perennial favorites.

English, 60 pages, paperback