Asian Begonia: 300 species portraits-Mark Hughes & Ching-I Peng

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Begonia is one of the world's largest and most beautiful plant genera. These elegant plants light up the understory of their rainforest home, and captivate horticulturalists and scientists alike. This book presents photographic portraits of 300 species from Asia, in the hope it will further stimulate interest in the conservation and cultivation of these fascinating plants.

Each of the 300 species has a colour plate, with notes on identification, distribution and etymology. Many of the photographs are of either type material or taken at the type locality, and we hope the book appeals to the taxonomist and researcher as well as to the hobbyist, grower and enthusiast.

Published by KBCC Press, Taipei, Taiwan & the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Hardback and paperback, i-ix + 353 pp, 21cm

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